1. What is Western Sydney Hip Hop aka WSHH?

Western Sydney Hip Hop is primarily a digital streaming service dedicated to the discovery of new and upcoming urban talent in the Western Sydney Region and Australia Nationally. WSHH is also a community hub who try to deconstruct the stereotypes held by mainstream Australia towards the people of the Western Sydney. WSHH also try to promote the community in a more positive fashion and encourage other mainstream media outlets and community groups to do the same.

2. What do you define Western Sydney to be? We use the definition set by Western Sydney Region of Councils (WSROC). WSROC define the Western Sydney Region, “The west”, starts at Auburn, which is 20 kilometers west of Sydney. The Greater West is bounded as far south as Wollondilly, north to the Hawkesbury and west to the Blue Mountains. It encompasses nearly 9,000 square kilometers.

3. Can I have a show on WSHH? Absolutely, please email a demo of your show to westernsydneyhiphop@gmail.com with a photo of yourself, short biography and summary of your show. We will have a listen and take it from there.

4. What equipment or training do I need to have in order to host a show? Very little training actually, almost none. Equipment wise, all you need is a simple free mixing program like audacity and a broadcasting program like B.U.T.T. Downloadable for free via a quick google search. Or you can pre-record your shows and upload them to our private servers via FTP. To do that you would need a FTP program like FILEZILLA another free program. spinZ will also guide you through the process during your introduction.

5. Do I need to have experience to air a show on WSHH? No… while experienced presenters are preferred, anybody can have a show on WSHH as long you have the programs discussed in question 4 and submit a demo to westernsydneyhiphop@gmail.com. Don’t panic; it’s very quick to learn and we can guide you through it, if your demo gets through the approval stage.

6. Does it cost anything to have a show on WSHH?

No, WSHH is a community service and broadcasting a show is free.

7. Do I need to live or be from Western Sydney to have a show on WSHH? No, you can be from anywhere.

8. Do you broadcast live?

Yes, we do for a nominal fee. We have had years of experience broadcasting live shows from a variety of venues and events, including National Event Tours, to Music Festivals and Family fun days. A wide variety of packages are available at affordable prices. So please get in touch with us to organize your live broadcast at westernsydneyhiphop@gmail.com. You can also select any presenter depending on their availability for your live broadcast. It is also advised to give at least three months’ notice of a booking to get the best experience for your business or community organization.

9. Do you host live shows?

Another service WSHH provides the local community are FREE live music showcases. WSHH love to promote local artists and present their skills in front of a live audience. If you are an artist and wish to get some live experience, please contact us at westernsydneyhiphop@gmail.com . If you are a venue who wishes to host a local showcase, please also get in touch.

10. Who does your digital artwork? All video editing, filming, artwork and other multimedia is completed in house. Majority of the artwork is done by spinZ himself. We also have artwork packages available if you require them.

11. Do you sell or print merchandise?

Yes, please click on the shop link to see our wide range of merchandise including our own alternative health products and our apparell line, Westi Wear. We also can do limited runs of promotional products for your company at affordable rates (T-shirts, hats, cups, pens etc).

12. Are you licensed? Yes, Western Sydney Hip Hop is a proud member of Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA) and goes through APRA for all appropriate licensing to broadcast. It also uses APRA to collect and distribute all royalties to its members.

13. Can I submit music to be played on WSHH? Absolutely, please email any mp3 at 320 kbps for ideal broadcasting quality to westernsydneyhiphop@gmail.com. Please make sure all files are MP3 ONLY and appropriately labelled as our servers cannot broadcast any other format. If you send any other formats your files will not be played. Also files must be of professional quality to get airtime.

14. Can I release my product or music through WSHH? Whilst WSHH is not a record label; we are able to do Album Launches and sell products given enough notice. The Ideal time required for a great launch is three months’ notice; this is required for best results for your product/album or mixtape. Although campaigns can be organized on short notice it’s not ideal or recommended if you wish to gain the best exposure for your product.

15. Can I Advertise on WSHH? Off course, WSHH offers a range of packages to suite a wide variety of budgets, please get in touch with our great staff via westernsydneyhiphop@gmail.com

16. What can I advertise on WSHH?

Absolutely anything, as long as your products are legal within Australian laws. WSHH do have the right to refuse advertising from products that may place WSHH reputation in disrepute. We also don’t accept moneys from political groups or parties, as WSHH is an A- political community platform


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