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WSHH The Bridge Tour

19/09/2019 - 1/1/2020

China, Bali and Thailand

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19/09/2019 - 1/1/2020


Adam spinz is touring Asia with WSHH. Adam SpinZ will be taking alongside him some of Australia's best Urban Music Acts , to mix it up with some of  Asia's  best talent. 

Want to Tour with WSHH?  - Email  and ask how. Everyone is welcome to apply!  

China, Bali and Thailand

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What is Western Sydney Hip Hop? Western Sydney Hip Hop (WSHH) is an open and alternative multimedia platform for urban musicians in Australia. WSHH is here to bridge the gap between the underground music scene and the mainstream media.  WSHH does this by hosting interactive radio programs and a live blog; where anybody can submit articles or host a show for free.  WSHH seeks to preserve HipHop culture and promotes indigenous Australian and the African proprietors of HipHop music and enlighten the mainstream of their importance.

WSHH main goal is to positively promote the geographical area of Western Sydney unapologetically, by uniting the Western Sydney community under one banner.  We promote other musicians, entrepreneurs, live venues, sport groups and community programs for the betterment of our region.  However, we love everybody and everyone and everyone is welcome to use our platform no matter where your from.  We do not give preference to any one ‘style’ or ‘accent’ we cater for everybody to use this platform. 

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