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What is Western Sydney Hip Hop? Western Sydney Hip Hop (WSHH) is a collective and alternative media centre dedicated to promoting Artists, Musicians and Entrepreneurship within the district of Western Sydney. WSHH seeks to correct the ill-informed commentators and mainstream media platforms who use a certain stereotype to portray the residents of Western Sydney in a derogatory manner. WSHH seeks to unite the mainstream and underground entertainment industry’s and infuse them in a unique presentation to entertain and inform the masses and present an alternative view of Western Sydney. The Western Sydney Hip Hop Network, serves as a radio station, promotional hub, networking site and resource center all in one. WSHH likes to consider themselves preservationist of HipHop culture and recognizes the fact HipHop is an art form created by the Asiatic and African peoples residing in America, although it’s opened to everybody to make a contribution. WSHH also recognizes the fact we are only guests in the Asiatic/African house and we don’t seek to change or alter the fabric of HipHop. Although Hip-Hop is now a global entirety we pay homage and respect the traditional ancestral roots of this culture. WSHH is A- political and we don’t promote, push any ideological agenda, we are truly independent and we are not paid for or bought by anybody. We also don’t play genre politics; we cater for all styles and views in Hip Hop. Every accent, style and sub-genre is promoted and catered for equally; we do not give preference to any one ‘style’. WSHH also host monthly live events and also caters for workshops in drug free clean living, Media and broadcasting workshops, Sport and recreation workshops, Indigenous culture workshops and Hip Hop Culture workshops. Please get in touch with westernsydneyhiphop@gmail.com for any enquires

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